May 8th, 2006

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Today has been fun. I went to school and was bored, and we listened to the funny swiss teacher talk about wafer...I mean, "Wahhfer" cookies, and he talked about Kneading or "nedding" dough. HIs accent is so funny.
Stephen and I went and ate at hooters, I've never beeen before and HOLY CRAP THOSE CHICKEN WINGS ARE GOOD. I got a quessadilla, and I tasted Stephen's wings, and they are so yummy that I am definatley getting them next time. The girls were all dressed really slutty, but other than that, at least the food was good ^_^ I love my boyfriend, because rather than watching the girls, he was too involved in the baseball game on TV to notice them. THat either makes him gay or loyal. hahaha
ANyhow, then we went and renewed my liscense, which was boring, but we had fun listening to music on the way there and back.
Then we went and saw SIlent Hill. It was pretty good overall, I wasn't like SUPEr impressed, but that's just because I really really don't scare easily at ALL. The visuals were GREAT though, totally awesome effects and villain design was superb. Overall, the story was ok. I guess it was mediocre to me. The little girl played two parts, a good one and an evil one, and she was annoying during the good girl part, but when she was evil, she suddenly morphed into a good actress!
I give the whole movie a C+
Now, he and I are listening to bands on myspace on his laptop.
SO far, Dogma is the best band we've heard today.
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